Tie Speaks

The Story

We are design studio based in Slovak Republic offering premium fashion apparel and fashion design services worldwide. Our products are precisely manufactured by hand with appearance and usability in mind to bond the connection between tailoring tradition, modern design trends, and future fashion benchmarks.

The self-explanatory title embodies our passion and motivation for creating unique, interesting and durable merchandise. To be certain that our product "speaks" to every one of our customers, our work is governed by specific catchphrases: designed, engineered and made by hand.

Established in 2014, our team is continuosly developing and improving new forms and methods of fabrication to devise easily and comfortably wearable products. In 2018, we introduced our very own line of "designed and engineered" ties.



Slanská 22, Prešov, 080 06, Slovakia
Business ID: 51 954 451
Tax ID: 112 488 4728
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